Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Kelvin Hulsebos and I am a freelance VAT specialist located in the Netherlands.  I use this blog to keep track of VAT news and welcome you to use it too.

As of 1997 I have worked for various (mainly big 4) companies as a VAT specialist.  Since 2009 I am an independant VAT advisor/contractor.

Apart from ad hoc indirect tax consultancy work, I perform various reviews, such as due diligence reviews and quickscans.  Often, it is possible to establish risks and/or opportunities in a limited amount of time (some interviews and review of documents).  Especially for mergers/acquisitions, new business activities, update of the ERP system, and the implementation of a tax control framework this can be very helpful.

I also render interim VAT (management) services.  If you are looking for a temporary solution and need a pair of extra hands or if you are looking for someone with a fresh, unbiased view to help out with VAT issues, please contact me.

Further, if needed I can assist with (more complex) VAT compliance issues/setup.  For some taxable persons the VAT compliance is a challenge: corrections for private use of company assets (such as cars), a partial recovery right (if the person performs taxable and exempt activities for example), VAT obligations in multiple countries, etc. etc.  I am familiar with most common used ERP systems and I have assisted companies with their VAT compliance in various EU and non EU countries.

Also, I organize efficient workshops: on your location and focusing on what matters for your company.

For more information, please feel free to browse to my profile on Linkedin.com.  You can always drop me an e-mail/give me a call too.

Kelvin Hulsebos
Helgoland 10
1506 BW Zaandam
+31 6 5024 0006
KvK: 34320364 (Dutch Chamber of Commerce)

Privacy & Disclaimer. The information contained in this blog is of a general nature and there can be no guarantee that such information is accurate as of the date it is received or that it will remain accurate any time in the future. No one should act relying on such information without appropriate professional advice, based on careful examination of the particular situation.


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